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  • Once there was a very Rich Man who had no wife, no children, no other family members, decided to invite all the employees of his Mansion to dinner and to give them a gift...
  • A man dreams of being chased by a lion, finds himself in danger, and is saved by tasting honey. He seeks the meaning of his dream from a wise man.
  • God loves the world He sent His only begotten Son...
  • A man questions his faith and the choices he has made in life, leading to a reflection on salvation, family, and personal growth.
  • Three Christians discuss their faith and understanding of salvation. One believes he's always been a Christian, another found Christianity later in life, and the third is unsure about his eternal fate.
  • The king and his four wives want to tell something about you...
  • what is falling away. the falling away of the leaves from the branch of the tree. we see it with our eyes and we know fall is coming.
  • The Gift you can't leave earth without.

    It's free, it's eternal, you can not lose it.

    It's God's desire that you to have it.

    He sent His only Son to pay for it.

    Don't leave earth without it.

    It's almost Christmas time and people especially children are excited because of the gifts they will receive. But there is the gift that is the most important gift you can give to your self and you can share with your kids, loved ones and family and friends. A gift that lasts forever, doesn't expire, and you will enjoy even for eternity: The gift of eternal life. Be sure to receive it from God before leaving earth
  • The wedding that saved every body who attend from the super storm that wiped the whole village.
  • The story of two "angels" named Mercy and Grace who met a woman named Faith walking on the road to salvation...
  • The story of two "angels" named Mercy and Grace who met a woman named Faith on the Road to Salvation. (Filipino version)
  • Born once, die twice
    Born twice, die once
    You must be born again

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