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  • There are Thieves in splat island, no one can find the thieves...

    Adventure story.
  • Muffet and her family live in a small hole in a human's house. Muffet wants to explore the house without telling her parents. Muffet get trapped by the humans! Oh NO! How will she escape? And if she does escape, what will she do?
  • Princess Ramona and Luke are set a task from the king that involves meeting The Giant Poisonous Butterfly, The Human eating Owl and The Bone Crushing Llama! Join Luke and Ramona on a one in a life time adventure!
  • This book is about a ten year old girl named Anna who has a big exam coming up. Anna's parents are very strict. Will Anna pass her test? If she does not, what will her parents say? Read the book to find out about Anna and the big exam!
  • This book is all about our solar system! From our planets to our moon and much more! With interesting pictures and facts you never knew about! Come with me and I'll introduce you to a whole new world!
  • This series is about 3 evil thieves that wonder off into the night stealing treasures! With unexpected twists! Read the series to find out more!
  • This book is all about swimming!
    . Much more information you ever knew about!
    With interesting pictures!
  • This book is about Keeping fit! From the type of foods you should eat to why you shouldn't smoke! This is very educational witch no child should be without!
  • With only about 2060 pandas in the whole world, this book tells you all you need to know about the inocent pandas in the world and what we can do to help. Includes fun facs! Don't forget to like this book!
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