My Public / Unpublished Books (6)

  • A child reflects on how their friend sometimes behaves in ways they don't like, and shares strategies for dealing with it.
    by Michael Chapman
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    Star Icon 33
  • A young student shares their daily routine and experiences at school, emphasizing the importance of listening, learning, and being kind to friends.
    by Michael Chapman
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    Star Icon 19
  • A social story for children who need to learn to use their hands appropriately
    by Michael Chapman
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    Star Icon 22
  • A book about bus safety for young children who have difficulty staying seated and quiet on the bus.
    by Michael Chapman
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    Star Icon 14
  • A story about a student who learns the importance of doing their work before engaging in other activities.
    by Michael Chapman
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    Star Icon 16
  • A story about a child's struggle with anger and learning to resolve conflicts peacefully.
    by Michael Chapman
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