My Public / Unpublished Books (8)

  • The 'MY PLACE' project aims to enhance local realities by exploring and celebrating the artistic, cultural, and culinary beauties of different regions. Students have discovered their own heritage as well as that of partner countries, sparking interesting debates and inspiring collaboration.
    by Mehtap öz
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  • Students from different schools share their experiences with the Adventure Train project and the Digital Wagon. They talk about creating and playing digital games, learning about different subjects, and having fun.
    by Mehtap öz
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  • Students from different schools in Turkey participate in the Adventure Train project. They research and learn about different cities in Turkey and other countries, exchange culture boxes, and prepare videos. The story highlights their experiences and excitement throughout the project.
    by Mehtap öz
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  • by Mehtap öz
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  • An alphabetical list of fruits and vegetables, each with a brief description or fact.
    by Mehtap öz
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  • by Mehtap öz
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