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  • Four kids wreak havoc at school with their pets and have lots of fun!
  • The story revolves around a group of friends, known as 'The Four', who plan to toilet paper their school. The plot thickens when two other students, Ben and Kylie, discover the plan and decide to join in, leading to the formation of 'The Six'.
  • Four friends plan to break into the zoo and release the animals, but they face consequences when caught by Scarlett's angry mom.
  • Holly Riving has always had visions. But one day when she reads a book at school, she shockingly realizes her destiny. Will she fulfill it, or will it all go wrong?
  • When Marshmallow, Jade's daughter, gets trapped inside a barn, things happen and Jade needs to save her daughter and help her friends! This exciting, scary story is so entertaining you'll want to never, ever, turn off your computer and stop reading. Happy reading!
  • Read about a warrior who lives in the future of the real Warriors series!
  • A family discusses getting guinea pigs, and after some deliberation, they finally get them. One of the guinea pigs is skittish while the other is tame.
  • A fan shares their favorite Warriors book, characters, battles, and current reading progress, expressing excitement to create more books.
  • An informative guide to different cat breeds, their origins, and characteristics.
  • The story follows a kitten named Whiskers who is separated from her parents and embarks on a journey to find them. Along the way, she learns about survival, encounters various challenges, and eventually reunites with her parents.
  • A little bunny who is very curious about the wild goes out to explore!

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