My Public / Unpublished Books (4)

  • Maria and her neighbors experience snow for the first time in Arizona, but it quickly melts. They hope for more snow but it starts hailing instead.
    by nataliecurcio
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  • Emily and Bella, two 6-year-old sisters, dream of traveling the world. They plan to go to Paris but worry about turbulence on the plane.
    by nataliecurcio
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  • Birdie, a little yellow bird missing a wing, meets Bobby and his friends who help him get a new wing. With their support, Birdie learns to fly and becomes part of the bird community.
    by nataliecurcio
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  • A little white kitten named Toby, who lived on the streets, finds a loving home and becomes the happiest cat in the world.
    by nataliecurcio
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