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  • This short book tells the story of Emerald Empire and its wars. It is at CEFR Elementary level.
    by oneota
  • This short reader gives beginning readers and ESL and EFL learners practice with short a.

    (For a similar effort with short e, read 'Ted and Fred.')
    by oneota
  • This short reader gives practice with short e. Letters producing the short-e sound are in red. At the end of the book, the story is repeated without the red highlighting and without illustrations. This is followed by a list of common short-e words including a few that make the sound using other spellings (like "said"). This book is for EFL, ESL, ESOL and beginning readers in English. The thin story is about two men who fail to find the Loch Ness monster.

    (For a book practicing short-a, see 'Sam and Pat.'
    by oneota
  • This short book uses relatively simple language to give a supporting context for more difficult words in the first part of the story on Youtube called "The First Well." Later adventures of Sasha the snow leopard will reinforce more words from the story.
    by oneota

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