My Public / Unpublished Books (6)

  • Goodbye
    by P0rt3r10 Dagamer
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  • A guide to creating creepypastas, including tips on finding inspiration, using images, utilizing social media, protecting your work, and animating. Includes two examples of popular creepypastas.
    by P0rt3r10 Dagamer
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  • What's sup
    by P0rt3r10 Dagamer
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  • Sylvia, a smart and playful girl, introduces herself and her twin brother Rings. She mentions studying survival instincts and their love for each other. Sylvia wakes Rings up, causing a playful argument. The story ends with a humorous twist.
    by P0rt3r10 Dagamer
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  • Rings, a young Umbreon with an IQ of 63, introduces himself and shares his hobbies. He also mentions his early life and his sister Sylvia.
    by P0rt3r10 Dagamer
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