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  • Cortland Greer is a vibrant 4 year old who is on the Autism Spectrum. Cortland began to show regression a few months before his second birthday. Diagnosed in October of 2017, with Autism Spectrum Disorder with a moderate level of severity with high functioning abilities, Cortland has broken barriers we thought would take years to break through. Currently attending Pre-K he receives Occupational, Speech and Early Intervention therapies and has become an avid artist. He enjoys doing all things any little boy his age does, and is continuing to build his vocabulary daily. Cortland’s journey is looked upon as an assignment from God, because we believe God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.
  • Inspiring true story about a little girl who conquers Celiac Disease, encouraging others to embrace who they are and battle the evil forces of Gluten and Cross Contamination so they can become Celiac superheroes just like her.
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