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  • My new book, Diary of A Runaway, is coming out in September! Here's a quick Sneak Peek! -S.B
  • So, once upon a time, there was this Princess called Princess Dalia and this dragon came and Dalia slayed it but guess what it was a good dragon so that angered the gods of good and so she was like 'no it was an accident' and they were like 'ye tis prejudiced and evil' and she was all 'nuh uh' and they were all 'uh huh' and they went on but the queen stoped them and Said that Dalia had to do a super good thang and then she would be proven good so yeah she did she went over to the faries and found a lost fairy and then yeah they were like 'nice' and so she thought that every thing was back to normal but then the fairies treated her like a celebrity and bombarded her so she ran away and changed her name to OVS I know Ovs does not make sense anyway Ovs found a horse and she rode that horse to the Ice Castle of Yoda And Yoda imprisoned them but she and A girl named Tanya who was another prisoner broke out of prison and guess what Tanya had a unicorn so ya they all rode out to the cliffs were they went sky diving and sky dove into the ocean and they swam with the mermaids and the horses became sea horses and the girls became mermaids and guess was Ovs switched her name to tanya and Tanya switched her name to Dalia and so anyway then they caught this ship and claimed the land the ship was on so yeah now they were princesses I mean Dalia now Tanya was allready and Tanya now Dalia was now one and then anyway this hurt phoinex came and they helped it and that gave them magical powers to fly so they flew to Andromeda were they met aliens and the aliens became their friends and then they showed them a kazillion other universes and they gained a knew power and friend in each one like in Dohada universe they gained invisibily and met lizards then they had enough powers and friends to make a team and fight crime and so they did and beacause of them they caught some bad guys making a robbery and then they said the daimonds anre there and guess what the diamonds had to power to make them so pretty and then the owener of the shop said 'thanks!' and they got spaggheti and meatballs and talked about all the things that they had done that day so yeah all the friends that they had mane came to their land and they lived happily ever after and did the jig and sand ooooohhhh yeeah yes people we are just having the besst time over here yeah yeah uh uh uhu ooooooh and we love siiiiining and this is really a par'tay now oh yeah singiing Hanah Daii songs so yeah we are all ooooooohh ahauh yeeeeee so yeah we are so awwwsome lallalalalalalalala ohhhhhh yeah singing we are singing and then they began kickin chairs and then they stopped to do another verse ohhhhhhh yeeeeeessss I said we are so very amazing and awwwwwsome and then they all got tired and went to bed. But then everything was back to nomal wah. Retroactive spoiler alert: This is not the story.

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