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  • A tax prepares life. January through April. The good and the bad. Long days at work and a short time to sleep. Nice customers and some a little difficult. But every year it happens all over again.
  • Add a description for this book...A little duck named Quacker would rather play with his friends than listen to his dad who was trying to teach him things that ducks need to know. See what happens when he did not listen to his mom and dad.
  • Add a description for this book...
  • Add a description for this book...Miss Dina dinosaur proves that if you really want to do something that is good there is a way in spite of what others might say. Her one friend encouraged her in stead of putting her down. And she proved that she could do it.
  • Add a description for this book...Jimmy enticed his friend to play hookie from school. He got into trouble and so did his friend. They found that it did not pay to do wrong things and they learned their lesson.
  • Elizabeth is a little girl that has a very vivid imagination. Some times her imagination gets her into trouble. Read and see what happens to her.

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