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  • Bruno, living in a dystopian future, plans to escape Boston with his family. He faces challenges and danger along the way.
  • This book was written by an 8th Grader and takes place in a middle school. It is about An 8th Grader’s dream of becoming a dictator, his short lived success, and his subsequent fall from grace.
    This book reminds us all, of the dangers of personality cults. It is also the intended to discourage aspiring dictators. I hope, that you will enjoy reading this book, as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

    Gabriel Leonidovich Gorelik
  • A collection of poems and personal reflections by Gabriel Gorelik, covering various topics such as words, nature, identity, and happiness.
  • Charles, a white boy in 1963 Washington DC, witnesses the Civil Rights Movement and has a change of heart.

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