My Public Books

  • The story discusses ways animals hide, endangered species, and how to help animals. It lacks clear organization and has grammar and spelling errors.
  • Ally, a shy alien, goes missing during a playdate. Her mom and the king search for her, finding her at the beach.
  • This book tells you facts about taylor swift and her childhood life.
  • A group of ants gets attacked by a goffer, finds a picnic, eats too much, and then recycles the leftover food.
  • A list of positive qualities and characteristics about different individuals, emphasizing the importance of treating everyone fairly.
  • A fox named Fifi wants to catch gingerbread men but is tricked by a wise gingerbread man who turns her into one.
  • Abella, a girl with dreams of becoming a famous French singer, faces loss and finds solace in singing. She eventually achieves success.
  • Abby, a girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut, faces challenges and travels through time, ultimately achieving her dreams and finding happiness.

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