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  • Atlatonin celebrates his birthday with his family and receives a special gift. He introduces his siblings and shares their personalities. Atlatonin also discusses concerns about an upcoming attack on their empire. He later helps the homeless and deals with his misbehaving brother. Atlatonin is chosen to solve a mystery and successfully catches the thieves. The story ends with a celebration and acts of kindness.
    by Julia Singh
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  • by Julia Singh
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  • A story about the daily life of police officers, emphasizing their helpfulness and encouraging children to seek their assistance when needed.
    by Julia Singh
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  • Want to read a story in the first person POV by an antelope? This is the perfect book for you!
    by Julia Singh
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  • Dame Julia, a knight in the Croissant Flavored Animal Crackers Manor, leads her fellow knights and dames, along with serfs and peasants, to victory against the attacking Lazy Dog Manor. After their victory, the former serfs and peasants are promoted to knights and dames.
    by Julia Singh
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  • A Clergy's Tale is a story the the medieval times, where pope caleb is facing challenges with a siege with Lazy Dog Manor
    by Julia Singh
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