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  • Adventures of a little girl and the tooth fairy.
  • This is a story of a young island girl born and raised on the island of Saipan. I wanted to write this story in a way that will get young readers engaged on the concept of cultural diversity. I considered the fact that not many kids have ever been to a beach, while others have never seen snow. As an islander, I feel that being raised by a beach, not to mention a tropical island, plays a huge impact on my culture. Thus, I wanted to share more about my island as it seems that Pacific Islanders are often underrepresented especially when teaching about cultural diversity to early childhood years.
  • This book is about a princess that lost her favorite golden ball.
  • When Lamby discovers his new home in New York with his shepherd Anna, she helps him find his new friend Stary after his house sets on fire. Find out what happens next when you read this book. *Try to find a lock and star on each page of this 15 page story.
  • Violet will take you to a wonderful adventure...
    by chrisa
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