My Public / Unpublished Books (7)

  • A brief introduction to the light side, dark side, lightsabers, movies, planets, toys, characters, and author's love for Star Wars.
    by spy3000
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    Star Icon 22
  • Slushy is trying to get owners.Then,he meets Sandy his new brother.
    by spy3000
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    Star Icon 5
  • by spy3000
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  • I am Grace.I wrote a book about huskies.I wrote this book because I like huskies and I am interested in huskies.
    by spy3000
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    Star Icon 21
  • my mom really likes beagles so this is why I made it.
    by spy3000
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    Star Icon 15
  • A child loses their hat and enlists the help of an alien to find it, leading to a space adventure.
    by spy3000
    Eye Icon 27
    Star Icon 4
  • This little fish is trying to find his parents.He asks many fish but they can't help him.Then he found his parents.
    by spy3000
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    Star Icon 3

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