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  • Poopy is poor and he needs to get to his family. But to do that he needs to go on a train. And if you want to go on a train you need a ticket that you buy with money. Poopy searches for help and something unusual happens.
  • The meaning to this book is to see if you can look in my eyes, to hear what I hear, to feel what I feel, and to understand what I tell. Nobody is your master, so you can close this book but when you do, I hope you think about what is important and true
  • Rhinos are innocent creatures! Just saying... Rhinos are herbivores(Creatures that don't eat meat) Not carnivores( Creatures that eat meat)! Learn more about rhinos and help!
  • A child meets a small and tricky person who steals their sandwich. The child waits for the person's father to make them a new sandwich.
  • DoDo has a book... And he has some stories ready to show...
  • A humorous story about a person's mix-ups and adventures in their town, including mistaking someone else's house for their own.
  • One day Pen invites his grandpa over and escapes with him. I wonder what they're doing?...
  • Pen's grandpa was coming and when he came they went straight to the park... I wonder what they are up to?...
  • Pen was doing a puzzle one morning and was acting extremely weird. What's going on?...
  • Pen The Penguin Wakes Up And Says He Want's To Play Football. I Wonder What Pen Is Thinking Of?
  • Pen The Penguin Wakes Up One Day And Reminds Me His Friend's Birthday Party Is Today. Pen Is A Cute Penguin Who Loves Fish And Presents. I Wonder What Mischief This Penguin Is Planning To Do Today?...
  • Pen The Penguin Woke Up This Morning And Ate Breakfast, Played, And Bossed Around. Pen Get's Angry, But Is A Lovable Penguin!

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