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  • A story that shows the importance of being yourself through an adventurous day with Katy the Near-sighted Kangaroo.
  • This is a book about a stick figure named Simon. He lives in a place called Sameville where everything is the same. Being the same has its downs, that is until he finds a very special box that changes all of it.
  • This is a collection of dog jokes that will tickle your funny bone.
  • Drake Rake doesn't believe in climate change and is paid big bucks to do so. On the way home from an environmental conference in Finland, Rake's plane crashed up in the Arctic. Through a strange series of events, Rake finds himself getting a first-hand look at what he dismisses as a 'hoax.' But is that enough to change his mind?
  • King Balthazar's kingdom is in grave danger. His brother Thaddeus, who is also an evil sorcerer has vowed revenge on the kingdom. The King sends an elderly wizard to Earth to recruit a popular boy wizard to save the day. Unfortunately it's not the one you're thinking of.
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