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  • One day, a pro minecrafter was trying to defeat a boss mob called "the enderdragon". A noob came an during their future, they have an argument. The noob didn't like how the pro got the fair life. The noob decided to declare a war.
  • The first in an epic trilogy following the struggles of a young outcast, destined to join and save the clans of the island. Fate rests on the young cats shoulders, but so does the distrust of her new clan...
  • A chance encounter prompts Matthew, a friend of Charles, to telephone and guide Charles to page twelve of the day's newspaper. The newspaper has issued a challenge in the form of a mathematics competition. Investigating further, Charles learns that the mathematics competition is based on an obscure branch of mathematics. Speculation and intrigue abound as Charles employs his formidable skills with numbers. A most delightful, albeit swot territory romp, 1930s 1:12 scale.
  • If you want to be a pro at Minecraft, read it and enjoy.
  • This book is about some of the beloved Star Wars characters!
  • Sam was walking around with his lightsaber and then he finds himself in trouble.
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