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  • Soot is a black cat who is traumatized by everyone saying she is bad luck. Only Lucky and her family realize it is a superstition. Can Soot even make friends because she is a black cat? Find out in this 25 page story about one black cat that makes a best friend that is a dog. (Not for sharing, please do not remake my idea and say it is your own.)
  • Mighty is an eagle who wants to knpw if he is mighty like his name suggests. Mighty turns the negative sayings into positive actions. Help your child with words if you need to.
  • Based off of The Three Little Pigs, this is a wonderful story your little one, (or big one), will love!
  • Have you ever lied to a friend? If you have not, don't do it. You may break your friendship!
  • I hope you love poems, so get ready for THE LITTLE BOOK OF POEMS!
  • Teach your child about the doctor and tell her/him not to be afraid!
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