My Public / Unpublished Books (9)

  • About a poor dog who..
    If you want to know read my amazing book!!
    by tallhorse21
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  • A boys father leaves the house and his boy has to look after the sheep and make sure they don't go too close to the forest or they might get eaten by the wolf!
    by tallhorse21
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  • Edward, Evan, and Elaine, three seahorse friends, go on an adventure to shallow waters, encountering new friends and overcoming their fears.
    by tallhorse21
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  • About a poor girl that becomes rich with her poor mother.
    by tallhorse21
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  • by tallhorse21
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  • A diary of a young boy's daily activities, including school, shopping, and playing video games with his friend.
    by tallhorse21
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  • A fairy tale written for my school Concord PS
    by tallhorse21
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  • Tony's first trip to the zoo, where he sees various animals and develops a love for them.
    by tallhorse21
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  • Hansel and Gretel, two poor children, are abandoned in the woods by their parents. They find a house made of candy, get captured by a witch, but eventually escape with the help of a potato.
    by tallhorse21
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