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  • I created this story to teach a lesson about choosing friends wisely, because everyone that you say are your friends, are not really your friends if you took the time to get to know them. This is a 100% true story.
  • "The Magic Book... will bring you happiness" 10 year old Tom had a dream and a voice told him that the magic book will bring him happiness but will Tom succeed?
    by chrisa
  • The story of a nail that refuses to be hammered down. A tale of determination and perseverance against incredible odds.
    by denali
  • this book is about a mermaid that her stepmother doesn't like her and she discover she has power
  • A sorceress on her quest for the thing she needs to summon a minotaur. THIS IS PART 1, part 2 is coming soon
  • Simon always wanted to enter the school’s Art Festival! Now in 4th grade, he finally can! Simon runs into trouble when a bully, Levi, picks on him for his art idea. No one ever created a collage before; Levi says it looks messy. Simon doesn’t want to be made fun of for his artwork. Whoever wins gets their artwork and picture shown in the school’s year book. Should Simon stick to his own ideas, or listen to Levi and draw or paint like everyone else will?
    by sfolk
  • Penny is at the market, wanting to buy a new dress for the ball! But when she finds the perfect dress, it seems to be out of her budget! Can George Polya, the Mathematician Wizard, help her figure out the cost of the dress?
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