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Books by toy1974

  • Discover what happens when a famous sapphire, the Chocolate Sapphire, gets stolen! Cora and her fellow detectives investigate the case... and the owner of the Chocolate Sapphire, Madam Becca, is missing! Will they ever solve the case? Stay tuned for Part 2 of the book too!
    by toy1974
  • The Caramel Dragon and his sister, the Chocolate Dragon, are transformed into humans! Worse yet, they have been separated! They mercilessly search for each other and the Jelly Dragon, the Chocolate Dragon's BFF, joins in the search!
    Will the two Dragons find each other? Look out for Part 2 after you read this!!!!
    Thanks! ;D
    by toy1974

Books I Like

  • Tawnya is not your typical girl. She prefers sports and superheroes to dolls and dresses. She is a huge fan of superhero but laments the fact that are no female superheroes that she can admire. She has big plans to become one herself but an even bigger surprise is coming her way.
  • Tess, Abby, and Gwen are three young Girl Scouts on their way to a weekend camping trip when they are suddenly whisked away into outer space.
  • Susannah's Dad is a world-famous archeologist. Based on a tip about an ancient tomb, he brings his team to Egypt to investigate. While her Dad explores the pyramids, Susannah has an adventure of her own.
  • Ben has always loved superheroes and one day, he wanted to be one. A mysterious letter arrives at Ben's house. He meets a man who has all the tools Ben will need to become a hero. And with this, the legend of BAT-BEN is born.
  • This short story is about a little boy befriending a classmate with Autism. This books encourages kindness, acceptance and awareness.
  • A classical style fairy tale full of romance and triumph of good over evil.
  • I am 6 years old. This is my first book. Its about a crystal Gem.
  • This book is for children dealing with fear. Do not allow fear to stop you from doing great things in life and making right decisions. We must teach children to be bold and to have courage when dealing with fear.
  • Chocolate-loving "Puggy" gets into mischief following his owner Neil Armstrong to work, and sneaking into the rocket that takes him all the way to the moon!
  • For my Dad... An amazing man who taught me to never stop striving for greatness and always encouraged me to do and be my absolute best.
  • A ferocious dragon guards a precious crystal until some heroic scientists befriend him and go on a journey to bring the crystal home.
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