My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • A collection of thank-you notes from students to their assistant principal, expressing gratitude for his understanding, patience, and hard work.
    by zombiekids
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  • An informative book about Bearded Dragons, covering their characteristics, habitat, diet, predators, fun facts, and human impact.
    by zombiekids
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    Star Icon 27
  • A muffin war erupts in Muffin Land, causing tension and a battle against zombies. The Super Muffin Team saves the day.
    by zombiekids
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    Star Icon 2
  • A wizard and a dragon plot to destroy New York City, but Mr. Good Guy and Sparkules, along with guard robots, save the day.
    by zombiekids
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    Star Icon 1
  • Fabulous 5th grade class in Chicago writes their first book! Enjoy!!!!
    by zombiekids
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