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  • Zoe's sister, Zara is KA-RAY-ZEE!!!!
    do u have any siblings? which one is the CRAZY one??
    by A_Creative_Pen
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  • when your very bored in quarantine and have lots and lots of chores to do how can u cheer up your life??
    by A_Creative_Pen
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  • will robloxianGirl32 be able to find a way for revenge? find out now! the real spice has begun!
    (by the way, im sorry this book came out very late, I've been too busy with my studies but dont worry! part 3, is in progress!
    by A_Creative_Pen
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  • this time things are different, even thought Chloe is on a week free she cant understand what to do!
    by A_Creative_Pen
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  • Scammers are ALOT in roblox...are you one? tell in the comments below!
    and don't forget to like if YOU like it!
    by A_Creative_Pen
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  • Are you a show off??
    well, read this book to find out what happens to show off...
    by A_Creative_Pen
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  • what to do in corona??
    by A_Creative_Pen
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