My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • Is about a young man that love to help others. He goes out his way to make sure others are happy. The community shows appreciation by rewarding him with a jet.
    by AuthorTabithaM
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    Star Icon 8
  • My book is about Santa making children happy. Just keeping the Santa legacy going for the little one's.
    by AuthorTabithaM
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    Star Icon 40
  • Ms. Valerie Hughley was the first African American police officer that worked with the Florida City police department. She is known for being a positive influence throughout her community.
    by AuthorTabithaM
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  • Richard's Pet Farm is a story about a farmer who loved all his animals.
    by AuthorTabithaM
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    Star Icon 4
  • My book is design to teach birth through kindergarten their consonant sounds of the letter M. Children can also see pictures of the letter M.
    by AuthorTabithaM
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