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  • In this Halloween-themed story, a skeleton named Scott is just trying to enjoy Halloween. Then he meets up with his friend Jones the Jack O' Lantern, and he tells Scott about a problem with Halloween this year. Without hesitation, Scott and Jones set off together for a whirlwind of fun and 17 pages of spooky smiles. By the end, they've made a new friend and helped an old one overcome fears to live a better life.
    by J.M. Aldrich
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  • This is a complete alphabet of animals -- in French (with translations to English)! Every 2 pages contains the French name twice, the translation below it, a Fun Fact, and a picture of the animal -- all plastered across a colorful French flag! This book is dedicated to my teacher and friend who knows so much about French. Enjoy!
    by J.M. Aldrich
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