My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • Follow Muffin the kitten on her little escapade out of the comfort of her home and out into the mysterious outdoor world.
    by Carolyn Cleghorn
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  • It will :)
    by Carolyn Cleghorn
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  • A book which you can dive into to find out about lots of different dog breeds and interesting doggy personalities! PLEASE READ MY FIRST PUBLISHED BOOK!
    by Carolyn Cleghorn
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  • A collection of cat jokes that will make children laugh and enjoy reading. The book lacks organization, development, vocabulary variety, and has numerous grammar and spelling errors.
    by Carolyn Cleghorn
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  • A book about 2 brave young boys who camp in the nearby forests and have a great adventure, watching the stars every night...
    by Carolyn Cleghorn
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