My Published Books (2)

  • We cry for a lot of different reasons. Some cry because they are hurting, some because they are happy. We may cry when we are angry, or when we are sad. This little girl cries billions of tears, what is her reason for crying so many tears?
    by Destini Jones
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  • As an adult someday planning to start my own family, I think frequently about how my brother and I grew up as children. Our parents did some of the funniest things that were also odd. They, like some parents, thought that just because we were kids we didn't hear all the things they said, we didn't know what they did when we weren't looking, or that we didn't know any better because we were kids. Well, thanks to them raising an extremely nosy child there was almost nothing that I didn't know as a kid!
    by Destini Jones
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My Public / Unpublished Books (2)

  • A necessary and uplifting message to all African American children, women, and men. Remember who you are and what you are, not what other’s make you out to be!
    by Destini Jones
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  • If you enjoyed "Things Grownups Think Kids Don't Know", wait until you get a load of its' sequel "Things Kids Think Grownups Don't Know"! A book that shows kids that grownups are more hip than given credit for!
    by Destini Jones
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