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Earn royalties when people order your StoryJumper books!

Submit your StoryJumper book below. After it's been approved, you can earn royalties.

Royalty Terms

1. Submit your StoryJumper book below and it must be approved before you can earn royalties from it.

2. After your StoryJumper book is approved for royalties, it will be made public so it can be discovered by the world. And you'll see your earned royalties on your dashboard after your book is ordered and shipped / delivered to a buyer.

3. Royalties are calculated as % net sales of shipped / delivered books

20% royalty for hardcover / paperback books

40% royalty for video books and PDF eBooks

Example 1: Sell 1 hardcover for $25. Earned royalty = $25 x 20% = $5.

Example 2: Sell 1 PDF eBook for $5. Earned royalty = $5 x 40% = $2.

Example 3: Sell 10 hardcovers for $25 each and 10 PDF eBooks for $5 each. Earned royalty = ($25 x 10 x 20%) + ($5 x 10 x 40%) = $70.

4. Earned royalties must exceed US $100 before they are paid out. You must use a PayPal account to receive your royalty payment. Payments processed through PayPal are subject to fees charged by PayPal and by agreeing to these Royalty Terms, you agree to accept PayPal's terms of service.

5. At the end of each calendar quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31), if your unpaid royalties balance exceeds $100, we'll send you a royalty payment. If not, your balance will roll over to the next quarter.

6. If you're a US taxpayer, before royalties are paid, we'll need additional tax information from you so we can email you the appropriate tax forms at the end of the year.

7. You are solely responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes on the royalties you receive.

8. These terms may be updated in the future.

Royalty Requirements

You must meet the following requirements before your StoryJumper book can be approved to earn royalties:

1. Order at least one physical copy (hardcover or paperback) of your book so you can verify that your physical book looks right to you.

2. Review your text for grammar and spelling accuracy. Grammar or spelling mistakes will delay the review process.

3. Ensure that your content (text, pictures, narration, music, etc...) does not violate any copyright laws. You can use StoryJumper artwork or artwork you create from scratch. However, if you use any other content from the Internet (paid or free), you need to show that it can be legally used for "commercial purposes" or remove it.
For example, if you find "royalty-free" images or buy images from another site, they may be allowed in your book for "personal purposes". But unless you read the license terms and show that the images can be used for "commercial purposes", they would need to be removed before your book could be approved to earn royalties.

4. You must have an "Independent" account or "Teacher" account. To verify this, go to "Settings" and look for "Account Type".
If you have a different account type, then click "Transition to an Independent Account" and complete the transition.

5. You need to have a Published Authors Gallery entry. Click here to submit an entry.

6. If you're under 13 years old, your parent must submit your book when they're logged into their StoryJumper parent account that's linked to your account.

7. You must be a resident of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, British Virgin Islands, or one of the countries we ship to listed here.

8. Create a plan for how you'll promote your book. Read this Marketing Guide for ideas on how to promote your book.

Submit Your StoryJumper Book for Review

Have you read the terms and completed the requirements above?


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