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Aubrey Zdziech
I made this book because my brother Noah needed a present for his birthday. Enjoy!
Kaleigh Brunell
Kaleigh is a 5th grader. She was excited to participate in this project and enjoys helping out in her community with her Girl Scout troop. She also loves all animals and cares about making the world a better place for all.

Shannon Golis
Shannon is a writer from Pennsylvania. She enjoys writing and illustrating her own stories. Shannon especially loves to write about animals and hopes to become a vet one day. She also loves mermaids, fairies, princesses and other cute things. Ballet and piano are her current activities.
Michele DeRouin
I wrote and illustrated this book for my grandson. Now I'm selling it on my website I am a self taught artist and this is my first children's book.
Rudy Trias
Fortunately, this past year I got to be a stay at home Daddy and there's nothing more satisfying then being involved with my 5 children. I'm a Veteran of the US Army Guard, graphic designer and photographer. I'm also a night owl and like to write about our lives, filled with love, joy and happiness. I was born and raised in Long Beach, California and am now raising my kids with my beautiful Emily in her home state South Dakota. Hope you enjoy my first book and Thank You!

Nichelle Jackson
This is Mikail Jackson of Mikail's Monster. The book was also written by Nichelle Jackson
Fox Bailey
This is a book of poetry written by Fox Bailey. He is ten years old. He is autistic and talks with a letter board instead of his mouth. He has been talking since May 2014 when he started learning RPM (Rapid Prompting Method). He thinks all autistics need to get a proper education and gives speeches to advocate for it. He loves all learning and wants to be a scientist and poet when he grows up. He lives in Waterloo with his family, two cats and his service dog Tetley.
Bob Herb
Bob Herb is a high school teacher in Texas. He tries to create lifelong writers on a daily basis.

Lawson Barnes
Lawson Barnes is an 11 year old boy living with his mom and dad in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. Lawson is autistic and non-speaking. He began communicating through RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) in 2014. Lawson wrote The Voyage to Africa by spelling on a letter board and illustrated the book in collaboration with his mom and art tutor, Cassie Saunderson. Lawson's interests are travel, art, literature and movies. His hobbies are swimming and collecting coins and movie memorabilia.
Debra Dawkins
Debra Dawkins is a Self-Published Author. She has always wanted to write a children's book. She was inspired by her late sister who lost her battle with cancer. Debra loves writing and she wanted to share her books with everyone. Please visit or Facebook to see more of Debra's work.
Ivani Sharrock
My name is Ivani sharrock and I am 9 years old. I am a student at zephyrhills. I love writing and drawing. I love inspiring people to get creative.

Trinity Davis
Trinity is a 9 year old girl in 4H. She shows her goat, Frankie, every year at the county fair. Trinity has often wondered how Frankie feels about going to the fair and decided to write this story from her point of view.
Máximo Vazquez Scales
Máximo Vázquez Scales is a young author, musician and artist. He partakes in activities embodying: tennis, swimming, baseball and soccer in which he excels. Moreover, he has studied Suzuki piano since age 2 and since transitioned to classical piano. In 2013, Máximo was inducted into the AIG/Gifted Education Program in which he flourishes to date. In addition, to his academic and social accomplishments, he yearns to fulfill his unwavering aspiration of becoming a future United States president.
Shanelle Harrell
Shanelle Harrell is a student at Bridge Creek Elementary in Columbia, South Carolina. She enjoys writing, reading and drawing. Shanelle has a love for pets, especially her pet rabbit, Olivia.

Chiemela Victor Amaechi
I have been a lover of books since I was a kid. I love writing and telling stories. I have also worked with kids at different levels and decided to share my love via these books. I am a published author, a Civil Engineer by profession and currently a PhD researcher in Lancaster University, UK.
Hannah F
Hello! I am Hannah. Wolves have been my favorite animal for a LONG time so I decided to make this book. Please read it and comment nicely, I would really appreciate it. When I grow up I hope to become a paramedic. I am currently 11 but am going to turn 12 soon. Thanks everyone!
Esha Samajpati
Advertising professional turned travel writer, Esha loves making up stories for her five year old son. She believes that there is no such thing as a "bad" book. The written word is magic, especially at bedtime.

Ethan Levy
My name is Ethan. I am 10 years old. I have SJIA. My motto is "never give up"! Read my book to learn more.
Lekha Murali
Writing is second nature to me. All my life, I have written poems, stories, essays, etc... The original story was written as a gift for a friend, years ago, in college. I am blessed in the riches of friendship. They keep me grounded and cheer me on. They question me and keep me on my toes. I am a better person for my friends. I hope this book brings that same joy of friendship to young children who are starting their lives, for whom this story could be read to.
E.A. Beauregard
E.A. Beauregard is working on countless books. "A Life of Diabetes" is his first book to be published. He lives in Prince George, BC, with his family.

Richard Caldwell
Richard Caldwell is an American author. Originally from Jackson, MS, Richard currently resides in Dallas, TX.
Whitney Shaw
I love to write about the Native Americans. I'm about half Apache and half Mexican. I'm a Sunday school teacher at This Generation Church (Pentecostal). I love to read about Native Americans. My dream is to meet Eddie Spears and Michael Spears who are Native Actors from South Dakota. I have Cerebral Palsy, but I am blessed that I can walk, run, and talk. And I love to write!
Holly Curulla
Holly Curulla is a seven-year-old second grader at Barnard Asian Pacific Language Academy in San Diego. In her spare time she loves being crafty and doing art, playing soccer, and spending time with her little sister.

Eveleen Herr
Eveleen is 6 years old. She lives in Brampton, Ontario and is in grade one. She loves going to school, learning new things, playing with her friends and spending time with her family.
Ronin Cooper
Hello, I am Ronin, and I attend David Street School In Morrinsville, New Zealand. I am 11 years old and this is my first ever published book. It even ended up in the school library! I wrote this book so that young readers' thinking capacities can expand to a greater level.
Shelley Ayers
I've always enjoyed reading and creative writing was a favorite class in school. Emma's Hope was inspired by a beautiful little girl and dedicated to a man lovingly known as "Papa" whom I love dearly. I had so much fun writing this story, but it pales in comparison to seeing it in print. I pray that I am blessed with many more stories to share.

Micah DeFelice
Micah DeFelice is 5 Years Old. He is currently in Kindergarten at North Broward Preparatory School in Florida. He enjoys making up stories, his most enduring one being My Brother Adam. He also enjoys reading, watching Brain Games, Sid the Science Kid, Peter Rabbit and Paw Patrol. He also like listening to audiobooks.
Chris D
I wrote this book for my daughter's first birthday and thought I'd share in the hope that others may like it too! :)
Sharon Schima
I live in Rothesay NB and spend my time writing children's books, swimming and playing endless games of Scrabble. I encourage many people to write their stories and share them with people here on StoryJumper. Smile

Adam Sayed
Adam Sayed is 10 years old and lives in California. He's written a book every summer since kindergarten. He plans to write a sequel to Time Warp next.
Ali Jackson - Bey
Ali Jackson - Bey is a accounting for ADP in Chicago. I love to create books for children to read. Reading is the KEY to success!
Helen Evans
Helen is a grandmother and a storyteller. She enjoys making tactile books for babies and young children and now can share this one through Storyjumper. You can read more about Helen at her website,

Lily Perella
Lily is in 6th grade at Saint Thomas More Catholic School. She loves to do gymnastics and trapeze. She has 4 pets, including a lizard, a dog, a cat, and a fish. She likes to read in her free time.
Parker Ciere
Parker is 7 years old and is going into grade 2 at Brier Park Public School in Brantford, Ontario. He enjoys swimming, playing with his stuffies and expressing his wondrous imagination. He really enjoyed making this book and plans on continuing the story! Stay tuned!
Ana Mitchell
Ana is a mother, college student and also a full time worker. She is an active member in her community. She hopes to spread the love of reading with this book. Reading is a big part of her life, and she wanted to be able to share things she loves with everyone.

Gabriel Gorelik
Gabriel Gorelik is a student at Memorial Spaulding Elementary School in Newton, MA. He is interested in chemistry, history, and astronomy, and loves inventing and learning about inventors and inventions. He also enjoys gardening and taking care of his chickens and a pet duck.
Phyllis Caraway
Phyllis is an advocate for teachers' rights in the Dallas schools. She is a successful writer and playwright. Echo was created to get the attention of our future to expose them to the environment at a early age to change the mindset in the next generation to come. Phyllis was inspired by Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth".
Lacey Amstadt
Lacey is 6 1/2 years old. She loves to sing, dance, read, and play her new violin!

Chris Hall
Chris Hall is a public finance professional from Phoenix, Arizona. He and his wife, Alyssa, are expecting their first child in September, so he put his love of writing to use by creating a new bedtime story for his unborn daughter.
Ella Zohar
Ella Zohar is a kid. That's me. I like to laugh and be silly. My first book is about friendship and puns. There are some silly things and some sad things in it. I hope you like it!
Marie S.
Hi! My name is Marie. I am an artist, writer, and skater. I write books, music, poetry, and short stories. My writing comes from my heart. It's God's gift. Thank you for taking the time to read my work. God blesses you all everyday. Remember to always have love in your heart.

Daisy Johnston
Daisy Johnston is a first grader at Loveland Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. Her interests include reading, writing, and dance. She is most proud of her family.
Auntie Amanda
I love to make personalized books for family and friends - please check out for one of your own!
Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman is a very successful Author and Illustrator. She uses unique fun illustrations to bring her book alive. Please visit to see more of Sarah's work.

Anthony Humphrey
The book I used to propose to my fiancée. I had her read it to our daughter at bed time.
Travis Darkow
Travis Darkow has been writing stories and crafting worlds from his imagination from a very young age, and enjoys sharing his visions with anyone and everyone who loves to adventure through fantastic worlds filled with unique characters. He lives in Washington with his wife Kelsey and their dog Jax.
Chris Escobedo
This book is linked by the synchronising of time by mechanical and electrical means, which will sow the seeds, that will transform the understanding of the writings. Please enjoy and leave feedback!

Michaela Groves
Michaela is almost 11 and she loves cats! =^..^= She is in 5th grade and loves to collect stuffed animals. She also loves Pok'emon.
Saniah Redman
Saniah is a student at Eisenhower Elementary. She enjoys singing, dancing, writing, playing games, and having fun with her family. She desires to share her gifts with others and wants to inspire others to do the same. She desires to share a message of love!
Gavin Yuricheck
Gavin Yuricheck is a student at Panther Valley Elementary School. He loves superheroes especially The Flash! He enjoys writing and spending time with his family.

Wendy Mclaren-Morris
Bumble is a shaggy dog who is currently on a big adventure sailing around the world.
Thomas O'Brien
Gentleman-about-town inclined to delightfully original stories and adventures, be they absurd, fleeting or fearsome. Believing firm that sheer originality and strength of imagination in developing and executing a story to be paramount in telling tales, I invite one and all to read my stories. A guaranteed delight.
Jennifer Redding
Jennifer Osborn Redding is a retired psychiatric nurse. She has had a passion for healing the mentally ill for decades and hopes to reach a new generation by educating them on mental illnesses and recovery. This is her first children's story.

Nino Raffaelli
Nino Raffaelli is in 1st grade and is passionate about monsters, wolves, and cats.
Craig Proctor
I am 45 years old and have a son who has a special gift (autism). I wanted to write a bedtime story that would help my son go to sleep. The book has all the objects he is keen on and brings a little of his world to life. It comforts him as he goes to sleep and I hope the book can do the same for others.
Cindy Benavente
I'm currently a student at Boise State University pursuing a degree in Special Edu/early childhood studies. As an inspiring educator and cultural diversity enthusiast, I wanted to write a book that allows readers to picture living on a beach as many kids have never been to a beach before. I wanted to touch on that cultural aspect as a Pacific Islander as well as to promote the concept of cultural diversity especially in the early childhood years.

Israel Calhoun-Jones
"Counting Zoo Animals" is a book that I wanted to create to help my fellow preschoolers count from one to ten. This was my first published book. So, expect to read more educational books from Israel Calhoun-Jones in the near future.
Xavier Scheetz
This is a book I made for my baby cousin. I am in fifth grade and I go to Whitaker Elementary. I am 11 years old and like art. I am going to play tackle and flag football this spring.
Kristi Whaley
Kristi Whaley is a first time author. She wrote this true story of a very special hotel in her home town of Lansing, Michigan. Maggie The Homeless Hotel is special because real life angels live inside of her. Please read this story to learn more about homelessness, and how kids can help out. Kristi was recently a guest on The Morning Blend Fox 47 news about her book and The Homeless Angels and their sweet Maggie hotel.

Sherry Kuelz
"The First Unicorn" was a story I'd made up for my kids when they were very young. I loved making up stories for them. "Remington's Best Day" was a book I wrote for my Grand-Nephew, Remington, unable find a book with his name. I was a freelance newspaper reporter and now spend my free time trying to rebuild an accessible playground which I co-founded in 1993. I've also written "The River" on StoryJumper.
Ciara Kowalczyk
I am currently a sophomore at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, and am in the Education program. Creating a children's book was one of our most recent assignments, and I had a lot of fun with it! This is my first book ever so I hope you all enjoy it :) Don't forget to read it with your best pirate and parrot voices!
Din Guillera
Din Guillera is a 12 year old and a 6th grader in California. He loves reading books, writing, and playing video games as well. He just recently published his first story book ever. His goal is to become a well known writer/author one day. Enjoy reading his book and hope you'll like it.

Lauren Mariani
Lauren Mariani (L.K Mariani) has had a passion for writing her entire life. Her children's books are inspired by her granddaughter Annabelle. Simple rhymes and simple lessons are the themes. Watch for the next American super hero, Betsy B. Bully Buster coming soon!
Elsie Shaw
Elsie Shaw is 10 years old and has loved writing stories since she first learned to write. She has a very creative mind, looks at the world in interesting ways and is great at describing that perspective to others through use of expressive language.
Sheila Armstrong
My name is Sheila Armstrong. My son Adrian passed away so I am writing these children's books so he can live on through my work. I hope you enjoy these stories.

Barbara Levin
Barbara Levin is a recently retired professor of teacher education but an active teacher of English to adults. She wrote this story as an example to motivate her adult ESL students to write their own family stories. Barbara is also trying her hand at writing contemporary fiction to fill her time during retirement. In addition to writing, Barbara enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and her granddaughter, Wren.
Terry Foster
Terry Foster is an author, writer, current graduate student, honor student, sub teacher, and father. Terry loves to volunteer in the community and has a huge passion for ministry.
Danette Watson
Danette Watson is a Dru yoga teacher and children's yoga teacher in Australia. She has a passion for teaching yoga through teaching tales to increase children's enjoyment, memory and social-emotional intelligence. Through her teaching, Danette hopes to give children lifelong skills for confidence and inner peace.

John Rieth
Father and curious of all things in the wonderful world we live in.
Abenezer Amanuel
Abenezer Amanuel is a senior in high school who loves reading and writing. She enjoys spending time with kids and making songs and stories based on the bible for the little ones. Believer of Jesus Christ!
Elizabeth Reynolds
Elizabeth Reynolds is a prior Montessori teacher. While teaching, she discovered the importance of literature in the classroom. Now out of the classroom, she will continue to teach the children in her life through literature and story telling. The imagination is an incredible world, especially that of a child.

Stefanie Perkins
Stefanie is a mother, grandmother and author. She has a B.A. in Clinical Psychology and has worked in the legal field for the last 25 years. She is also a Spiritual Communicator assisting law enforcement agencies/families to help locate missing people and solve crimes all over the world. She loves to help children expand their imagination and develop their love for reading at an early age.
Corine Timmer
Corine is an animal lover, writer, author, and an interior decorator. She lives in Portugal and shares her place with many animals including her adopted street dogs and her beloved donkey, Lolita. The inspiration for this story came from a surprise meeting on a Spanish road between herself, a wild boar Squeak, and a pointy-eared hunting dog. This is the Spanish translation.
Nicole Giardino
Nicole is a Junior at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. She is currently studying childhood education and works as a teacher's assistant in a preschool class. Nicole also works as an afterschool teacher and has started her own babysitting business with over 7 clients. Nicole hopes to continue her education by getting her Masters in Special Education.

Riley Hoback
Riley Hoback is a 3rd grade student at Brooks School Elementary. She enjoys music, art, and especially writing. When Riley found StoryJumper, she started having explosions of ideas! She loves solving problems, but most importantly bully problems. She wishes bullying would stop.
Jason Flores Contreras
Jason Flores Contreras is a student at Jordan High School. He is a godfather, a son, and an amazing friend. He's also a singer, songwriter, and a newly discovered author. Help us welcome Jason Flores Contreras.
Dan Mazur
Dan Mazur is a life-long resident of Niagara Falls who holds a BA in History from Brock University and a Post-Graduate Certificate from Niagara College in Public Relations. He is an aspiring children's book author who has written and self-published over 30 books online. He wrote BAT-BEN for his nephew Ben as the two are huge superhero fans.

Lidia Vena
Lidia Vena is a 10 year old girl living in a dream. She loves her friends and family. She likes writing meaningful books. She hopes that you enjoy all her books!
Christine West
Christine West lives in Montrose, Michigan. She is an Administrative Assistant for an outdoor advertising company. She has two children. She enjoys spending time with family, making quilts, reading and playing ball with her dog Cash.
Lorraine Howes
I'm a retired nurse who loves children and enjoys reading and writing!

Keshav Lakshmi Narasimhan
I'm now a fourth grader and this is my 5th published book this year. I am grateful to everyone who reads my books and encourages me!
Niki Kolarov
I am 7 years old and I'm a Boy Scout. I fluently speak two languages, English and Bulgarian. I live with my mom and grandmother. I like science, reading, mathematics, and electronics. "Animals" is my first published book. I hope that everyone enjoys it. Thank you!
Ginger Giannoni
Ginger Giannoni is a nursing student, and Gigi to her first grandchild Metztli Romero. She is married to her husband of four years Joel Giannoni, and a mother of 4 biological children, 4 children through her current marriage, and 5 other step-children that have touched her life. Ginger has always wanted to write a children's book and was inspired by the magic and beauty of her daughter and granddaughter. She has many more ideas for future books and hopes to write more.

Connor Mccormack
Connor is a loveable adorable person who goes to Waverley Public School!
Josie Kaufman
Josie Kaufman lives in Sturgis, South Dakota with her sister, Dad, and Mom. She loves hiking and doing all the things the Black Hills have to offer. She is active in school and church activities.
Emily Clark
I'm a full time college student majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Creative Writing. I love writing children's books and making kids smile. My niece is my inspiration and I hope to be a well known children's author one day.

Alexander Bjorge
I Made Books A Long Time Ago! Then One Day, I Made This Book!
Karen Fordiani
Karen Fordiani is the Pet Therapy Program Coordinator for the Children's Advocacy Program in Ft. Myers, Florida. While developing the Pet Therapy program, Karen noticed the lack of resources to help therapists utilize the program to its fullest potential. This generated the idea to write books using therapy dogs to teach kids real life lessons.
Daniel Massoud
Daniel created this book for the purpose of proposing to his girlfriend/now fiancé. Daniel is currently working towards self-publishing his first literary fiction novel.

Molly Strike & Joyce Tsai
Molly Strike and Joyce Tsai are students from Valentine Hills Elementary School in Arden Hills, Minnesota. They are friends and classmates and they are both energetic and curious, just like the main character Sparkle in the book. This is their first book together. They had fun writing this book and are looking forward to writing more books together.
Evan Sands
Evan Sands is a student in Massachusetts. He enjoys playing Minecraft and reading books. Evan really likes to make books on StoryJumper.
Reileigh Sinsabaugh
Reileigh Sinsabaugh is a student at Upper Dauphin Area Elementary School in Lykens, PA. She enjoys playing with her siblings and friends, doing gymnastics, and dressing up.

Katie S.
Katie S. is eleven years-old and is about to be in sixth grade. This is her first time writing and illustrating a book. She likes mermaids, cats, and spooky stories that have happy endings. She hopes her book will encourage other children to write.
Kate Carroll
Kate is in fourth grade this year, and enjoys writing, playing her piano and recorder, and singing. She is a big mamma with her three pets and four siblings. She is very involved in theater, and is very excited to be a published author on StoryJumper!
Jennifer Degand
I am an aspiring elementary school teacher finishing up my last year in college. I wrote this book with a friend for a specific class, but I think it's important for children to get excited about science, particularly space.

Erik Arntzen
Erik Arntzen wears many hats. He is a Freelance Production Assistant, a Foodie, and writer in his free time. Erik has a niece and nephew who are both amazing and wonderful. They inspired his first story and continue to amaze him everyday.
Eliana Knight
Eliana Knight, 9 years old, will be going into 5th grade this year. She likes to climb trees, build forts, and be outside. She loves to make mud sculptures and read Boxcar Children books. Eliana was so excited to write a book about Timmy Johnson because her Papa has told her Timmy Johnson stories since she was a little girl.
Sophia Chilelli
Sophia Chilellli is a 3rd grader at PS 35 in Staten Island, NY. She got the opportunity to be a part of the school's Emerging Writers Club. She learned a lot and was inspired to write this book about turning double digits. It's a 9 year old girl's take on how exciting it is to be that much closer to being a teenager.

Damian M.
Damian enjoys playing Xbox, building with Legos, having Nerf wars, and playing with his dog Phoenix. He is involved in his local homeschool community. He is debating between being an engineer, a marine biologist, or a veterinarian when he grows up.
McKennan Folkerts
McKennan Folkerts enjoys both writing and artwork. In the Summer of 2014 she collaborated with her dad in creating a sidewalk chalk-art design in five panels entitled "When Monsters Visit" for a Sioux Falls, SD downtown event. It was a hit with both parents and kids, so they turned it into a book others can enjoy at Storyjumper.
Amparo Saucedo
Amparo Saucedo is a stay-at-home mom of eight children from Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys writing and drawing. Although every day is a busy day, she still made time to pursue one of her dreams, which is to write a children's book. She hopes to inspire moms and others to not give up on their dreams and goals!

Emie Koppenhofer
When I grow up I want to be an author.
Ava Simone
Ava Simone lives in sunny South Florida. She lives with her family, which includes a cat and a dog. Ava loves animals, the beach, 80's music, running and most of all babies. She wants to become a pediatrician some day. Ava is also on the autism spectrum and hopes to write books about special kids like her.
Krisha Chawan
I go to Riddle Elementary School in Texas. I love to read and write stories. I hope to inspire others about butterflies.

Ethan Donnellan
This is a good book for people to learn about turtles.
Kirina McLeod
Kirina is 8 years old. She has a love for books that goes beyond words. She hopes to be an accomplished author someday. Kirina spends most of her spare time reading and scrapbooking.
Diann Moore
I am a teacher in Omaha, Nebraska.

Leah Grace & Glenna Lynch
Leah and Glenna are the authors of the "Lellow the Lion and Friends" collections. Leah is 9 years old and was born on Valentines Day. She appeared on SKY TV at 18 months old, displaying her soccer skills. She loves dancing, swimming, reading and writing stories. Glenna is a graduate from the University of Sheffield where she gained a 2.1 (Hons) degree in Health and Human Sciences. She has a diploma in Education Studies and was a SLT assistant.
Diane St. Clair
Diane St. Clair (Grammy) is a retired literacy teacher/coach for young children. The story is written from the eyes of her beloved granddaughter, 4 year old Rosalia. Mondays are Grammy's days for Rosalia, Elina, and Amanda (Grammy's daughter) to spend time together and have adventures. Enjoy the birds-eye view of this delightful family finding joy in everyday life.
Matthew Moore
Matthew is a 9 yr. old art student at JR Wright Fine Art & Photography Studio where he studies Interdisciplinary Arts after school. He has been exploring the link between visual art and creative writing. His interest in the military and how they protect us inspired him to write "Wingman."

Brandon Bass
Brandon is 9 years old and he has a very vivid imagination. He loves to play video games and run around outside. I know he will accomplish great things with his creativity.
Tameborah Kearns
Tabi is a 7 year old, artistic, 1st grader at Opequon Elementary School in West Virginia. She loves to draw, color, paint, and design clothes. She enjoys spending time with her family. She plans to write more stories.
Joanne Miles
Joanne Miles is a School Nurse at Hudson PEP Elementary in Longview, TX. and dedicates this book to the kids and 'kids at heart' who she cares for daily. Joanne is a mother of two teens and she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading and of course, writing!

Tyler Baker
I wrote this book as a fourth grade project. Everyone loved it. Hope you do, too!
Chloe Seddon
This book was created for university and I thought it was a different take on fairy tales.
Zahra Valika
I like to write books.

Kamila Paola
I am a 6th grade student at American Military Academy. I love sports, especially soccer and running. I like hanging out with my friends.
Grant Burch
I wrote this story based on Olyvia's favorite things: friends, food, and animals. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!
Landon Tilley
Landon is a 2nd grader at Century Elementary in Nixa, MO. He likes basketball, baseball, and playing Xbox. He also likes to read, draw and write stories.

Ruqayyah Amy Wilson
This book was inspired by my daughter. I have a passion for story telling and reading. I only hope to write more so that other children and parents may enjoy the stories my daughter and I share every night together.
Cinthia Copeland
Cinthia Lyn Copeland loves writing poetry and spends much of her time devoted to this task. She is a published author of short stories and poetry with over 200 poems to date. She has discovered a new found love in children's books and hopes to publish many more.
Catie Grimes
I am in the 5th grade and love to write and express myself! Volleyball and ice skating are some of my favorite things to do. Oh! And my friends are awesome! Hope you like my book.

Angie Stoddard
Angie is a singer/songwriter/artist. She wrote this book for her 4 kids, 9 grandkids, and her dear husband to inspire them to put their thoughts to words and pictures in any way they can. Check out her other work on or
Andrew Thatcher
This is a story I used to tell my baby sisters.
Austin Kelly
Austin Kelly is a Director of Technology at The Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. He enjoys creating things with the kids and hopes to see more children create more awesome stuff.

Jala Bransford
Jala Bransford is a 12 yr old from Michigan who loves to write and design clothes. Jala is a 7th grader at Thompson Middle School in Saginaw. She is looking forward to writing more books for the world to see.
Caitlin Mulligan
This book is a high energy, super cute children's book that teaches kids about different types of clouds. This book can be for all ages and you will fall in love with the adorable characters.
Brittney Sowards
Brittney is a homeschooling mom of two boys. In her spare time, she loves to read and write. She lives with her husband, children, three dogs, and two rabbits in Ohio.

Jacqueline Hannay
Jacqueline is a retired teacher after 28 years in the classroom teaching 4th and 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. She is married and has five grandchildren. She and her husband enjoy boating and traveling with the love of their lives their rescued Chocolate Lab, Cappie.
Tressa Camidge
Tressa is an educator who has always loved to read and create stories. She loves animals and has a large, brown dog named, Sir. Tressa hopes to create more adventures for Kelly Kitty and Moo-Moo Mouse soon! Maybe other tales will come along also...
Brett Hillier
My inspiration comes from my 3 year old James who loves to read. I would like to create a character for kids to enjoy, learn from and build imagination. I live in Australia next to the ocean where Clark the Shark has evolved.

Dawne Clayton
Mother of two young men and wife of 22 years. Horsewoman and Christian (first in love). Mother of a brilliant addict in recovery, striving towards becoming an addiction specialist. Youngest member of USA dream team for an interesting sport. Always loved to write.
Jaylia Smith
JoAnn Jacobson grew up in California. She has a BSW degree. She is a mother and enjoys writing kid's books. I wrote a story and dedicated it to my grandma.
Elan Wenger
Elan Wenger is a student from Manhattan. From the time he was little, he loved to draw things, be creative and he was a character of his own.

Paul Carpenter
I run my own business and coach lacrosse in the UK. The stories I write were told to my children at bedtime when they were small. Now I want to share these bedtime stories with the rest of the world.
Larry Grimm
Dr Larry Grimm is a clinical psychologist. This is his first book for children, written especially for his nephews. May it be an inspiration for all little boys who are special.
Alice Young
Alice is a graduate with a Master's degree in childhood education. She has taught Early Childhood Education and universal pre-kindergarten. She is also a mom and enjoys reading and writing children's story books.

Adam Morgan
Adam is a first year media production student in the Artrium university Cardiff. Who enjoys telling me (Bryony) the stories of Bryonyta and Mr Mouse.
Hayley Tanner
Hayley Tanner is a year eight student at Tauranga Intermediate School in New Zealand. She enjoys writing and drawing.
Kristi Smith
Kristi Smith is a 5th and 6th grade ELA teacher at Colman-Egan School in Colman, South Dakota. She is also the varsity basketball and track coach. Kristi wrote this special book for her nieces and nephews. In her free time, Kristi enjoys reading, playing basketball, and watching reality television.

Johanna Baker
Johanna is entering 2nd grade and has recently published her second book. She had the privilege of sharing her book with her entire elementary school. Johanna figure skates and competes year round. She plays violin and dances. She loves surfing and wakeboarding and has a pet parrot named Charlie.
Ruby Harris
Ruby Harris is a 6 year old, grade 1 student at Crafers Primary School in South Australia. Ruby has a keen interest in mini-beasts, and as part of her studies this term, she wrote this book with her mum. Ruby insisted that the story include a fairy and that the pictures be made from Play-Doh. Ruby dedicated this book to her teacher, Sue.
Shannon Kelley Pattee
I have been working with children & families for 25+ years as an Early Childhood Educator, as well as, Director, writer for parenting publications, & other capacities. My passion for writing "The Pumpkin Pounce" & 9 other stories on StoryJumper is inspired by a need to promote literacy, vocabulary extension & an overall love for reading in our children. Remember: Help another learn to read & you will help ensure their success for the future. Happy reading and writing!

Patricia Edwards
Patricia Edwards works full time nights at a hospital in Maryland. She loves to write supernatural stories to share with you in her spare time. She just published her supernatural "Twisted" series on Amazon.
Elena Neva
Elena Neva is known worldwide for her expertise in Bactrian Jewelry and the history of jewelry in general, her books and lectures on art history, and her knowledge of the art and jewelry of ancient Asia and Tajikistan, where she was born. She has visited twenty-six countries, has lectured at some of the world's finest universities, and she now teaches at several schools and colleges in the Boston area, where she specializes in Russian language and art history.
Danika Gordon
Danika Gordon is a student at Sturgis Williams Middle School in Sturgis, South Dakota. She enjoys being involved in activities in her school, community and 4-H, and hopes to inspire others to spread kindness.

Noah White
Noah White is a student at Sydney Grammar School in Sydney, Australia. He's an avid reader of books and loves being in nature which is where he got his inspiration for this book. Many ideas pop into his head every day and EARTH was just one of them! Stay tuned for more books in the series, THE ELEMENTAL CHRONICLES.
Sophia Yen
Sophia is an elementary school student in California. She enjoys playing volleyball, reading, making art, and laughing with friends and family.
Daniel Baker
Danny is currently a 4th grader at Emmet D Williams in Roseville, MN. He enjoys reading, writing, and performing science experiments and magic tricks. He loves Greek and Roman mythology and hopes you enjoy his book.

Valerie Carson
Valerie Carson is an instructional assistant/substitute teacher at the Upper Moreland Intermediate School in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. She helps out with afterschool kid Zumba classes and acts in local community theater. Eventually, Valerie would like to publish more story books for children.
Natasja Nielsen
I'm living in Copenhagen, Denmark and writing in Danish. Fantasy is my favorite genre. I have lots of projects but my formal job is teaching in Danish and literature :)
Jenna Brown
Jenna Brown is 8 years old and lives in North St Paul, Minnesota. When Jenna is not reading or writing she enjoys playing softball, basketball, card games and going to church with her Dad and her two brothers, Jeremy and Justin. She also spends a lot of time with her new puppy Daisy!

Erika Dierke
I'm 9 years old, I love to ride my bike, and I live in Minnesota. I want to be an author when I grow up.
Susan Shellberg
My dog, Jaime McDugal, wrote this book to document our cross country trip from Florida to Arizona. He had so much fun, met so many people and dogs, and experienced so many new things with joy and happiness! He is asking all the time, “Where are we going next?”
Sharon Krager
Sharon Krager is a new author of children's books. She is a nurse, nursing home administrator, teacher's aide, and co-owner of a family business with her husband. She lives near Paris, Missouri.

Maria McCormack and Denise Wentz
Maria McCormack is a multi-age first and second grade teacher at the Allen Brook School in Williston, Vermont, where Denise Wentz is the librarian. The students in Maria's class worked on a collaborative writing project, integrating technology and research, in a place-based approach, writing about our school, following the alphabet as a guiding structure. Read to learn more about our fantastic school!
Laborrah Garrett-Sims
I started writing books for my daughter to help her understand daily life things. Friends and family thought it would be great for me to put it in a hardcover book. I decided to and discovered StoryJumper where I published my first book. Since then I have published five more books. I am now trying to get my books published worldwide.
Peter Liu
I made this book when I was 8 (now I'm 10). I'm saying thanks to everybody's positive comments and likes (so far, no negative ones). So THANKS!!! :-)

Isabelle Cromartie
Isabelle is a imaginative young girl who loves making all kinds of imaginative stories.
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