Jessica and Iyla Michel

We are a mother-daughter writing duo. Jessica is an early childhood educator and loves making memories with her daughter, Iyla.

My Public Books

  • When a sibling dies, there's a lot of questions that arise. Inspired by a real conversation after Iyla's baby sister died, we hope this story helps siblings share their sibling love in special ways, even when their sibling is in Heaven.
  • When Iyla was 3 years old, her baby sister, Freya, went to Heaven. This story was inspired by a real-life conversation shortly after Freya passed. We all needed extra love and kisses during this difficult time. We played Kissy Monster almost daily. Iyla had the great idea to turn this game into a book, and so, working together, The Kissy Monster was created. We lovingly dedicate The Kissy Monster to Freya Grace Michel on her first Heavenly birthday. Mwah! Smooch! Always!

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