Published Authors Levels

You'll notice that Published Authors have badges next to their names that indicate their Published Author Level.

For example:

5  This is a Level 5 badge

1   This is a Level 1 badge

These badges next to Published Author names are displayed throughout StoryJumper, including on recommended books, comments, search results, book collections, profiles, and Published Authors gallery.


Greater Visibility. Having a higher Published Author Level increases how much other people see your books, profile, and comments.

Higher Priority. StoryJumper members are more likely to read books from authors who have higher Published Author Levels.

More Trust. StoryJumper members are more likely to trust you in the community if you have a higher Published Author Level.

How to Increase your Level

Several factors determine your Published Author Level, including:

  • Publishing Volume: The total dollar amount of all purchases of your published books. Recent purchases count more than older purchases.
  • # Fans: The # of unique people who have liked/saved any of your books.
  • # Likes: The total # of likes/saves across all of your books.
  • # Published Book Titles: The # of unique book titles that have been physically published and are public.
Here are some ways to increase your Published Author Level:
  • Follow the suggestions in our Marketing Guide to increase the size of your audience.
  • Publish more copies of your public books and give them as gifts to family/friends, classrooms, libraries, and your community.
  • Encourage others to purchase copies of your books and you can earn royalties on those sales.
  • Read other people's StoryJumper books and provide positive feedback.
  • Create a new book and publish it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't have a Published Author Level badge next to my name. How do I get one?

A: You must first become a "Published Author". You'll need to a) "publish" your book (see question below) and b) submit your Published Author entry and have it approved by StoryJumper.
After you become a Published Author, you'll earn your Published Author Level badge and can start increasing your level.

Q: What is a "Published" book?

A: A "Published" book is a book that has been purchased as a hardcover / paperback book and shared with the "PUBLIC".

Q: Who are the Top Published Authors?

A: You can see the top published authors here.

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