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  • Mila finds out who was making everyone's day into a bad day. Did you know who?
  • Mila got some surprising news from her mom. She's going to Disneyland! They had so much fun going on rides, buying stuff, and eat some delicious foods! So exciting!
  • Mila, a 10-year-old girl, wants to join gymnastics but feels jealous of her classmates. She gets a chance to win $1,000 in a magic show and with the help of her friend Ava, she learns gymnastics and wins the show.
  • Bella was very excited to get a new dog! She adopts it, names her, buys supplies for her, and welcomes her by Bella's home! Do you know Bella's dog's name is?
  • Heartspring, and four other teeniepings figured out a way to save the town from the big water monster. Romi, a human girl who was born in Emotions Kingdom, will be surprised that just only four critters saves a town.
  • Hannah was so excited because of her birthday! She gets to dress up, decorate, invite friends, and do so many fun activities! Birthdays are so fun!!!!!
  • Christmas book in Spanish
    Libro de navidad en español
  • This is actually the perfect book to read right now because you know it's almost Christmas y'all. Mila had to get ready for Christmas and finish her to-do list.
  • There were some weird things about this remote. Mila doesn't know why she would want a remote that makes things mini. But as her friends were playing with it, they got zapped! Could Mila find a solution to break the curse?
  • James didn't know who to choose for his partner for the prom. A girl came up to him, willing to be his partner. Did James pick her or no?
  • Nayal experiences a series of unfortunate events, leading Mila and her friends to investigate the cause. They discover a black cat's curse and break it with Emma's help.
  • Ava's sleepover with her rude friend Tasha leads to a series of fights and bullying at school. With the help of her friend Mila and her mom, Ava learns to stand up for herself.
  • On Halloween, Kayla and her siblings wake up early, get ready, go to a Halloween store, and trick-or-treat. They have fun and enjoy the holiday.
  • I loved The Little Mermaid movie so I decided to make a mermaid book! I also want to be a mermaid too.
  • "Twinkle twinkle little star" Is a good story for your child to sleep. They include: nursery rhymes,lessons, friends, and shooting stars.
  • Cat and Snowflake have a sleepover, eat snacks, make a tent, and become friends forever.
  • A brief and somewhat disorganized story about the life cycle of a butterfly, with some spelling and grammar errors.
  • A simple and straightforward alphabet book that introduces each letter with a corresponding word.
  • Cat and Rockstar want to go swimming and have friends over, but they need to ask their mom first. They eventually get permission and enjoy their day at the pool.
  • The lesson is to always be patient if there is something else going on!
  • Lesson is to not eat too much candy! You would get a stomach ache just like Cat said to Snowflake!
  • Maya didn't know what to draw for Thanksgiving so her best friend, Snowflake helps her. Then Maya celebrates Thanksgiving in the jet and spends her next hours in her BFF's house.
  • Cat didn't want to eat Mom's soup so she wakes her at 4 in the morning to eat. Lesson is to eat your parent's cooking.
  • Cat's mom thinks Cat wants to get a toy. But Cat wanted to get Snowflake a present for her b-day.
  • Rockstar and her sister, Cat celebrate New year's eve! They are ready for the new year!
  • Rockstar and Cat celebrates Christmas! Check out number 2 book when Rockstar and Cat celebrates Happy New Year!
  • Bun bun was late for school! And she didn't get the penguin! Lesson is to wake up on time!
  • This is my cats Strawberry and Vanilla 7th birthday memory book.
  • A story about caring for cats and finding a cat shop, with a warning about not letting the bad guy get the cat.

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