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  • Jenny just wanted to stay in her neighborhood with all her friends. But, she questions who are her friends in this magical book full of mystery.
  • Ava and Avery host a game show where readers answer questions to determine their superhero persona. The story ends with a call to action and a brief introduction of the author.
  • A young girl learns the importance of patience and perseverance as she waits for her seed to grow into beautiful roses.
  • A boy named Ernie catches fire in his house, is kidnapped by a stranger, and meets a criminal leader. Gwen and Moe try to rescue him.
  • Jane and Jack are normal people, with normal things to do. But when they get caught in a storm, their worst fear comes true. But with fear, comes hope. And sometimes, a flower in the sun is found, too.
  • Sabine and Edwin are brother and sister. One night, their mother tells them a tale about a girl named Archanne. She haunts the woods, and she is still there. Sabine has the great idea of taking a walk in the woods. There, they face a sudden tragedy and a heartbreak. Please read my tale of the girl with the blood-red cloak. Thanks!!
  • Nini, a girl who wants a playmate, adopts two cats from a shelter and they all live happily ever after.
  • A girl named Red goes to her granny's house and encounters a wolf in the forest. With the help of a tiger, they defeat the wolf and find a cure for a deadly virus.
  • A story about the Sun and Moon, who are siblings and best friends. They play pranks on each other, causing a rift between them that lasts for thousands of years.
  • It all started with one little girl. And a lot of friends. Explore the meaning of friendship and change with this book.

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