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  • by Patrick Lakhani
  • Celebrities Who Died In Cars
    by Patrick Lakhani
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  • This story is about the Titanic 2, a replica of the original Titanic. The ship embarks on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York but tragically sinks just like its predecessor. The narrative follows various characters onboard and their experiences during the disaster.
    by Patrick Lakhani
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  • by Patrick Lakhani
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  • A description of various luxury cars and their prices, ending with a thank you message.
    by Patrick Lakhani
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  • A child dreams about their future life in Nashville, including travel, career, and personal goals.
    by Patrick Lakhani
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  • Hope you enjoyed the book!Leave a comment down below on what's your favorite fictional book!
    by Patrick Lakhani
  • Johnny Horton was an American singer- songwriter and musician. Let me know what i should do next!
    by Patrick Lakhani
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