My Public Books

  • In a kingdom called Holy City, the people must come together to fight their biggest enemy, the monster of the deep dark forest. For them to be able to succeed the king has to send his best soldiers; Pepi, Pupi, Papi and their little buddy Wormy to lead the troops of the kingdom. Read to see if they were able to defeat the big monster of the deep dark forest. Enjoy!!!
  • Jonah's Journey is a story about the Bible character prophet Jonah. This book teaches children about the importance of being obedient, specially, being obedient to God. I hope you enjoy.

    Stay blessed, Shalom!
  • This book is a diary of a little girl name Megan. She teaches her younger brother Peter about the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. In some occasions, she is also reminded of these fruits and what Jesus Christ desires for us to do as His friends.
  • The book shows the bravery of a little girl name Blessing, which in Nhyira in the Ghanaian language called Twi.
  • This story is about two unusual friends that came to love each other and cared for each other. Inspired by my two lovely sisters.

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