My Published Books (4)

  • This book is going to be a Christmas present for my cousin, Catalina.
    by Eva Merritt
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  • This book is for my wonderful niece. I'm giving her this book for her First Birthday, I did the same thing with my nephew. Enjoy this book, I hope she does as well.
    by Eva Merritt
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  • This book is for my nephew Liam. He's three and this is what I am giving him for his second Christmas, Christmas 2021. I made a similar book for my cousin Scarlett, but I didn't post it. I hope he enjoys this book and I hope you all enjoy it as well. Scarlett's book was called "Scarlet and the Popcorn Dragon". I will publish the book I am making for my niece, Elena, for her 1st Christmas, Christmas 2021, when I finish it. But until then, enjoy.
    by Eva Merritt
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  • Addison, a girl obsessed with unicorns, sneaks off to find one in the Enchanted Forest. She succeeds and names it Trixie, but eventually realizes Trixie belongs with her family in the forest.
    by Eva Merritt
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My Public / Unpublished Books (4)

  • This is a book about how a girl named Sarah was being bullied. Her friend Kendal stands up to the bullies with her alongside their friends Vivian and Ann.
    by Eva Merritt
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  • This book is for my BFF, Cole, for her 11th birthday. I hope you all love this book, including her.
    by Eva Merritt
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  • I’ve been putting books about woman role models and books for my family. It’s time to write on about me.
    by Eva Merritt
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  • This the book I made Scarlett for her third birthday. At my cousins' birthday party, everyone liked it but her. My feelings weren’t hurt because she was two, it was before her actual birthday.
    by Eva Merritt
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