My Published Books (3)

  • Charlotte and her friends embark on a school field trip to a volcano. They get lost and encounter various obstacles, including rock monsters and a dragon. With the help of baby dragons, they navigate through challenges and return home just in time before the volcano erupts.
    by Tracie Samuel
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  • Alfie, a puppy, is jealous when his owner brings home a kitten named Crystal. After a fight, they apologize and become friends.
    by Tracie Samuel
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My Public / Unpublished Books (3)

  • Emma receives a surprise from her mom, which turns out to be a puppy. They go to the pet store to buy supplies and introduce the puppy to their home.
    by Tracie Samuel
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    Star Icon 5
  • Violet finds a baby bird on her walk and takes it home. Her family helps care for it and they name it Heather.
    by Tracie Samuel
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  • Scarlett and her family search for their lost bunny, Bella, and eventually find her with a herd of bunnies. They decide to let her stay but she visits them every day.
    by Tracie Samuel
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