My Public Books

  • Learn to spell with your favorite Halloween themed words.
  • Learn to spell with your favorite Christmas themed words.
  • This is a story about how we sometimes dream about being something different then ourselves.
  • This book reminds us that we can be anything we dream to be and that inevitably it is up to us to decide.
  • A fun parody of the old expression "My dog ate my homework". Great for kids of all ages.
  • A simple and colorful story about mixing colors and the objects they create.
  • This book is perfect on a day where you want to keep the kids busy but ran out of ideas. Hope you enjoy it!
  • I love cats and this book is perfect for the cat lover in all of us. Enjoy!
  • A whimsical pirate has an obnoxiously long mustache. Every time he eats food it gets stuck in it. A hungry dragon confronts him and wants to eat the leftover food from his mustache. The pirate does not want to share and angers the dragon. The pirate from fright decides to share and the dragon becomes docile. They quickly become friends.

    A quirky, light hearted, witty parody on pirates and their affinity for long mustaches. We learn about sharing and friendship through humor. This is sure to be a book that children will want to read over and over again, as mine does.
  • I wanted to create a book that encourages children to use their imagination.
  • Oakie, a young tree, questions his appearance and compares himself to others. With the help of his friends, he learns to embrace his uniqueness and realizes that he is beautiful just being himself.
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