My Public Books

  • This is the Bob and Sally series no.4 out of 20. NOTE: all other books are not out. the description will change of books that our out. Other book coming soon!!
  • Bob and Sally experience a rainy day at home, with some spooky moments. They learn about ghosts and enjoy snacks and games.
  • Read this amazing story about a tree, a lonely guy, and a town coming together in the unique, distinct, style of Evan Kirby's Writing.
  • Hi There, I'm finally back with another book, and I think it is one of the best ever written. Please Enjoy My Book, "The Bat In The House" This book is about Mr. and Mrs. Walker, and they're children when a bat gets into they're house. Enjoy this funny, unique, and uplifting story about The Bat In The House
  • Lucas is a musician that is the best musician in the world. He does have one secret...He Cheats! But one day his guitar gets stolen! How will he get it back? Find out in this fun book.
  • This is the 3rd book of the Bob and Sally Series by Evan Kirby. This is about a new neighbor. Read the back for information.
  • This is a good book for all ages. This is a good, realistic fiction story. This is about two kids that it is raining. Than they do stuf to pass the time. Will the things be canceled? Enjoy this book for all ages.
  • Ben, a dog from Happyville, goes on an adventure with Sam, experiencing different lands and seasons. They become friends and Ben's world expands.
  • This is my first book I ever made on I hope you enjoy it too.
  • This is a good book for people who like haunted stuff. share this with your friends and family
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