Noe Peter

Noe Peter is 10 years old and a Y5 student. He loves english and learning new stuff. Since he published his first book (Neil and the Giant Sea Monster), he has since published 5 more books.

My Public Books

  • A terrible MONSTER has invaded a small village. It would come up to the village everyday and destroy building and eat the citizens of this small village. The king comes up with plan which sends away the MONSTER for good! Does this plan of his work?
  • Oh no! Zippy the songbird has lost her SONG! Can you go on this journey with Zippy and help us find her voice and get it back?

    This book is for 2-6 years old.

    I just wanted to thank Clare Elizabeth Knott for inspiring me to write this book. This book is all hers so I just wanted to say thank you.

    (This book is re-write from Sally the Songbird)
  • This book is dedicated to my family and friends!
    A boy called Mike has swallowed a GROW BEETLE! He has now turned into a giant! Can the citizens of GrownCity help find a cure for Mike and are they able to re-build their village?
  • This book is all about me! I wonder how much we have in common :). Read this book if you want to know all the key facts about me! Comment down below if you are just like me!
  • This book is dedicated to all of the lovely pupils of Holy Family Catholic Primary School. I have to thank some people for helping me create this book. Thank you my mom and dad for supporting as I created this book. Thank you for Holy family Catholic Primary School for also supporting me during this time and thank you for my brother (Samuel) for feeling happy for me as I wrote this book.
  • This book was inspired from the story Sisters of Muffin Manor (is on StoryJumper). Dedicated to family and friends and to all kids who are afraid of dark spaces/houses.

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