Sherry Kuelz

"The First Unicorn" was a story I'd made up for my kids when they were very young. I loved making up stories for them. "Remington's Best Day" was a book I wrote for my Grand-Nephew, Remington, unable find a book with his name. I was a freelance newspaper reporter and now spend my free time trying to rebuild an accessible playground which I co-founded in 1993. I've also written "The River", "Nothing Compares To You" for our first grandchild, Kaleigh Marie, and several other books on StoryJumper.

My Public Books

  • Our Grandson's first year of life.
  • A First Grandchild is the most amazing event, and I wanted something just for her, that hopefully will give her something to always remember me by..and to know how loved she is.
  • Nothing will ever compare to the birth of a first Grandchild, and I wanted to give our first one something she'd always remember..a book made just about her.
  • Friendship is like a river, an amazing journey of beauty.
  • Remi feels left out, because he doesn't think he's the "best" at anything. Everything he seems to do is like everyone else...until he discovers the one thing only he is best at.
  • How the Unicorn got her horn, is something of respect and love, things of fairy tales and hopefully, our future.
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