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  • These are my songs, some of them you can purchase through any online music store like spotify or itunes, some of them I have not yet recorded. I wanted to share with you my heart. Everybody has a story. This is some of mine, well parts of it. Enjoy and I hope you hear them put to music by downloading my songs.
  • Life can be difficult at times. If we try to remember that todays characters are not tomorrows. We are changing and growing and moving. Always move forward and you will be fine. Go for the gold and don't let things sidetrack you. Life happens around you and it is those who cannot recover who will miss out on those things that should have been. Chin up & keep your eye on the crown. You can do this. Checkmate
  • girls get confused with what beauty is. It isn't something you put on your face, it is something that comes from the inside. This is a fun book to tell you how to let beauty from the inside show on the outside.
  • From all of me to all of you I give s'more of myself. My thoughts on paper. The words come to me and I must write them, sing them, draw them. They are because they must be heard.
  • I'd like to share with you the lyrics I wrote to raise funds for Cancer Research. It is my wish that I can one day sing them all to you and bring comfort. I have released Run till We find it. Let's get ready to run.
  • A humorous poem about a person finding a rock in their sock and the various thoughts and actions that follow.
  • Little raindrop has a lot of adventures, this is his first one. It is the story about how he became a raindrop. It is a story about his friends & his cousins too.
  • Enjoy my Christmas story about Rudolph, we sometimes feel left out but know you are important. We all need each other. I hope to put this book to music soon too
  • I was 5 years old when I met my forever family. They adopted me and gave me a home, a name, a family. I hope you enjoy my book, I know this can be a difficult topic to discuss.
  • I have always wanted to write childrens books, I love to teach and what better way to teach but through fun books. I have more on the way, watch for little raindrop and his adventures.

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