Angie Stoddard

Angie is a singer/songwriter/artist. She wrote this book for her 4 kids, 9 grandkids, and her dear husband to inspire them to put their thoughts to words and pictures in any way they can. Check out her other work on or

My Public Books

  • girls get confused with what beauty is. It isn't something you put on your face, it is something that comes from the inside. This is a fun book to tell you how to let beauty from the inside show on the outside.
  • Little raindrop has a lot of adventures, this is his first one. It is the story about how he became a raindrop. It is a story about his friends & his cousins too.
  • I have always wanted to write childrens books, I love to teach and what better way to teach but through fun books. I have more on the way, watch for little raindrop and his adventures.

My Collection - "Books I like"

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