Whitney Shaw

I love to read and write about the Native Americans. I'm about half Apache and half Mexican. I'm a Sunday school teacher at This Generation Church (Pentecostal). My dream is to meet Eddie Spears and Michael Spears who are native actors from South Dakota. I have Cerebral palsy, but I am blessed that I can walk, run, and talk. And I love to write!

My Public Books

  • For the sunday school kids at church.
  • A family road trip, a family vacation. A mother and three boys. She was a foster mom, she fostered the three boys. Later down the road she adopted them. They took a trip to get away from city life to start over. To help her boys get in touch, to remember who they are as native young men.
  • My sister and I role played Cats the musical, but we used our own imagination, we did it over text messaging, since she does not live with me, she lives in Plainview TX. So we texted back and forth I wrote it down on paper and I turned it into a story.
  • For some people "Pentecostals" is a new word to some. A century again it was rarely part of the average North American's vocabulary. However, it's used has risen steadily, most often in reference to the fastest growing segment of the Christian faith.
    Although it has become much more common in recent years, it is not a new word. It goes back to an ancient Jewish feast celebrated the first fruits of the harvest. The Hebrew was primarily an agrarian society and a successful harvest was critical to their well-being.
    They celebrated God's blessing and provision for them with a feast, which fell on the fiftieth day after another important feast day, the Passover. But for Christians, Pentecost takes on a different meaning. It marks the birthday of the Church.
    The bible also records the first outbreak or outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the earliest believers on the Day of Pentecost.
    The Book of Acts records the experiences and teachings of this new movement. Because many of the key players of the Acts church were eyewitnesses to the life and teachings of Jesus, it follows that they would have the clearest insight into the way in which to worship Jesus.
    As a result the church in Acts should function as a model to follow when attempting to build a church. However over the centuries the institutional church lost sight of the Acts pattern. Just over a hundred years ago.

  • A Boy Struggling into today's society.
  • A family separated long ago, then reunites after many years. A mother leaving her husband and child and taking her daughter to a better place in the city instead of out west. She was looking for something better but could not take her Native son, for she feared he would be killed. The mother had to keep her daughter's identity a secret because she knew if the people knew what her daughter was, then they would look down on her or possibly kill her. But her daughter looked more white than Indian, but the mother did not want to risk it. The Father was the Native who married a white woman and they had son and daughter. Now the son and daughter are grown and the daughter has three girls now, the girl's father Kicking Horse was killed long ago on the farm, some men ambushed him in the barn and killed him, now the girls brother is learning the warrior way.

  • Tradition past down from generation to generation of Boxing.
  • Max, I wrote it for my grandparents, and many faces and poses Max's does, he's good photo taker.
  • White Hawk is coming home from the hospital, from 10 years now, he has been gone. He finally gets to come home. He can stay home as long as he keeps up with his medication. He does get better, his attitude changes, he even looks better. He get bad as he gets old, his brothers have to put him in a nursing home.
  • White Hawk is getting worse, and he knows there is something wrong now, before he didn’t think anything of it, and didn’t tell anybody he was seeing something that nobody else could see. The shadow figure is coming in clearly now, and making words, it destroys a friendship, and nearly destroys himself and his family until White Hawk got help in time before it worsened.
  • A family struggling to get by in the west
  • A flash from the past where a young woman falls in love with a Native warrior.
  • An old Native American Indian man is telling a story to his grandson. His grandson does not know his Grandfather is very sick, and slowly dying. Before he leaves this world he has to know if his grandson walks the good red road, and that he will keep the stories alive and tell them to the next generation.
  • Dedicated to my best friend, Meggan Welch, it talks about what has happened to us over the years at Greenwood School here in Midland TX.
  • The past is gone but not forgotten by this young boy named White Hawk; he has a rare gift some people may say. His parents do not have an answer on why he stares at nothing for a certain period. He gets angry when you ask certain questions. He sees a shadow figure, not quite sure what it is yet. He doesn't think anything of it yet. The old ones see it as a gift from the Creator, and White Americans say differently.
  • A young Native child had a good life, his parents were so thrilled and full of joy that they were going to have a boy. When he was born life was good, they loved him unconditional, then as he got old enough to walk and talk, his life turned for the worst. His parents started to turn to drink because the father lost his job, and the mother’s sister died of kidney failure because she drank herself to death.
    Every pay check they got from the government, they would go to White Clay Nebraska, to buy liquor and stay there, they would leave him alone and he had to dress and get ready by himself for school, even make breakfast for himself, he didn’t have anybody to go to. Then his parents would come home and pass out on the bed or have big parties at their house. When he was 10 that’s when it started to get violent. But he loved his parents even though they beat him. He wants to help his parents get better, but that all changes when some foster parents step in to help.
  • One boy struggling to walk the red road won't listen to anybody not even his little brother who walks the red road. He is angry all the time, stealing, and wanting to hurt people, not trusting anybody that's not Indian, Grandfather pulls him on the POW WOW trail.

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