Dani Faura

Dani is a stay-at-home mom who is working on earning a Master's Degree through Miami University's Project Dragonfly Program. The focus of her studies is Illegal Wildlife Trafficking. She has made it her goal to learn as much as she can about the issue and share her knowledge with others. She hopes that by writing children's books based on her area of focus, she will be successful in not only raising awareness but also decreasing the demand for illegal wildlife.

My Public Books

  • After being rescued from a hole, Tiny, a Loggerhead Sea Turtle hatchling, struggles to find the perfect habitat-one with all of her basic needs.
    This book will help introduce young children to the topic of sea turtle conservation and teach them how to properly care for a wild animal in need.
    Any royalties paid to the author will be donated to sea turtle conservation efforts.
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