My Published Books (1)

  • Who is a nice guy. But when it comes too adventure he's fired up! Meet other people on the journey--and don't forget to get your medal!
    by Ethan Akhenemhen
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My Public / Unpublished Books (3)

  • Can one boy find his great aunt and escape king Elijah's kingdom?

    When a young boy's father sacrifices his life to save his son. How will the son survive?

    Well in this book you'll find all the answers! So now you can read this book and let's have an adventure!
    by Ethan Akhenemhen
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  • Who celebrates his birthday with a surprise party and discovers a secret in the basement.
    by Ethan Akhenemhen
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  • This is who's worst day. OR is it? You never know until next time. Keep your eyes peeled for "WHO' birthday"!
    by Ethan Akhenemhen
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