My Published Books (1)

  • A princess gets lost, and she thinks that she will never get back home. But, with the help of her friends, she can do anything!
    by Winnie Liu
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My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • This is just a thank you book for my friends on StoryJumper. (UPDATED)
    by Winnie Liu
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  • Winnie and Mason have an exciting adventure with Santa on Christmas Eve, helping him deliver presents. They receive special gifts and realize it wasn't just a dream.
    by Winnie Liu
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  • A mermaid named Aqua finds a magic lamp and reunites with her friends after they get lost on an island.
    by Winnie Liu
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  • All about me
    by Winnie Liu
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  • Isabelle, a Minifairy who is always left out, tries to fit in by buying fairy dust. When it doesn't work, she helps save Olivia and her friends, realizing the true purpose of the fairy dust.
    by Winnie Liu
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