Johanna Baker

Johanna is currently in the 8th grade and has recently published her fourth book. Johanna figure skates and competes year round. She plays violin and dances. She loves surfing and wakeboarding and has a pet parrot and a cat.

My Public Books

  • This is about a mama who is scared and sad that her two babies are going off to college. No matter how old they are when they leave for college, Mama only sees them as her "babies" .
  • Little Bear is anxious about how Covid-19 will affect the upcoming school year. Will he be able to go back to his classroom or will he have to learn remotely?
  • This book goes along with the Little Bear series. It is about the main character, Little Bear, who faces tough times during this awful COVID-19 self-isolation.
  • A sweet, feel good story about a little bear who is afraid to go to school. With the love and support from mama bear, he learns he doesn’t have to be scared after all.

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