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  • Max and Billy have to travel to Egypt to solve this "presidentially" important mystery. Max and Billy realize this mystery will be way more challenging. When falling into a hole and getting sick, do you think Max and Billy will solve the mystery? Or, will they fail and Egypt would fall?
  • Max and Billy have to solve another mystery, again. This time, it is a major one, and they have to fly to Egypt with help from their friends and Martin and Chris. But, what is the mystery? And who did that cruel thing to the Prime Minister of Egypt???
  • Martin asks Billy and Max to go to Mars with him to find fossils. Billy and Max realize space can be a little dangerous but they are also excited. They had to struggle with no air bottle, crashing on a deserted island, and do you think they will meet their family? Do you think Billy and Max can survive, or lose their brother?
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    Trees: A Haiku Collection

    Precious Stones: A Haiku Collection

  • The city of Kierian needs help. After an evil villain destroys the power orb that keeps Kierian running, Eoin, Marcie, and Remus have to embark on a quest to restore the power orb. Also, the people of Kierian have been turned into zombies by Felon except for the trio. Can they save this important city, or will Felon take over it?
  • Billy's mom and dad tell him and Max to find who stole the crown jewels. Billy and Max realize it could be a little hard for them. They had to struggle with going in jail, getting hungry, and will the Queen of England get her crown back, or she will not be queen anymore?
  • A collection of poems that explore various themes such as nature, emotions, and social issues.
  • Nico and María are going to go on the biggest and most important event in their life. But when they meet zombies, and a bearded man who owns an enemy organization, can Nico and María stop them, or will they become servants?
  • Billy and Max have to go to Norway to find the mysterious Ten Magic Stones. But it is not going to be that easy. After struggling with a security alarm, fighting a robber, and only getting five days to find them. Do you think Max and Billy will find The Ten Magic Stones, or will they fail and the robber will use them for one of his greatest inventions?
  • A collection of haikus and a haibun that explore various subjects, including nature, precious stones, and personal reflections.
  • This is a haiku collection of trees. It has poems about maple trees to bristlecone pines. Have fun reading and stay tuned for the following haiku collection, Precious Stones
  • A detailed map of a house, including bedrooms, cars, cool stuff, utilities, and outdoor areas.
  • Mark attends a slumber party at his friends' house after school. They play games, eat pizza, make s'mores, and have fun. The story ends with a teaser for Part Two.
  • A group of friends have a slumber party at Max and Billy's house, but encounter various challenges and adventures throughout the night.
  • Billy and Max have been asked from Martin and Chris. The mystery they have to solve is going into the abyssal zone. They had to struggle with going to the principal office and pressure in the basketball tournament. Will they succeed? Or will they have to fail college and suffer in there life?
  • Billy and Max have been looking for the lost submarine. It was very hard. They had to struggle with encountering a goblin shark, tackle a robber, and build a very strong submarine. Can they solve the mystery, or will they fail and try all over again?
  • Billy and Max have been sent to find what made the trees die. They had to struggle with not much time to complete the mystery, building and getting in the wrong hands and do you think they will solve it in time, or fail college?
  • The story follows Mark, a second grader who navigates through his school life, making friends and dealing with troublemakers. It highlights his daily activities, school projects, basketball games, and the excitement of an end-of-year party.

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